Episode 49 The Power of Owning Your Dirty Secrets

Do you ever realize that the things you think are so terrible in your mind are really quite trivial? I’m experiencing that right now. First of all, is there anything more trivial that starting something, stopping it, then starting it again? Trivial! So trivial! But my mind made this feel very thing feel extremely embarrassing […]

Episode 48 Clarity & the Gift of Having an Outside Advisor

Are you needing more clarity in your life? One of my favorite ways to get a better understanding about a situation is to actually ask myself (my Inner Wisdom) and my Upstairs Team to bring more clarity and a message about a situation to me. The insight I am looking for might be downloaded via journaling, I might read […]

What if you didn’t want to escape from your life anymore?

Do you dream of running away from it all? Kids, partner, job, home, the messes, the clutter, the business? It is interesting, this urge to run away, since you actually created every situation and relationship through your thoughts and actions. At one time you wanted the stuff, the house, the relationships, the job. What has […]