Day 10 – Start Before You Are Ready

Are you scared or nervous about doing something? Are you worried about what people will say if you do the thing you are inspired to do?

In order to take action, even when you are scared or nervous, you have to tune in to WHAT YOU REALLY WANT. Then, then talk to yourself and figure out what you are really worried about — is it what your family will say? Is it that someone might say No? Is it that someone might not like it?

Can you observe your fears, and then take action anyway? Yes, you can! You are an adult human and you can take action even if you are scared, worried, or nervous! So do the thing. Start today. Do it even before you feel totally ready. Do it even if you don’t really know how to do it well at all. Everyone who gets what they want in life has to take action. And that action might look super messy at first, but it will get easier and more polished with each step you take. Good things will come of it.

If you want support around taking action even if you are afraid, schedule a free Simplification Session with me and we can talk about your fear so you will be able to take action when we finish our time together!

So go do it. Do the thing! Do it now!