Day 12 – Pleasure & Doing What Feels Good

I have learned that when I live from a place that brings me pleasure and doing what feels good/light/simple/right, life is so much easier. Life just flows. I cannot encourage you enough to act from this place — following your pleasure will not lead you astray. It may look crazy to people who worship logic and “what make sense” but it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about what you are doing. It only matters that you are doing what makes YOU feel good/light/joyful/at peace.

Think about this: When you tap into what feels right for you, then it is also best for everyone in the long run.

Many people will tell  you the opposite: that you should serve other people, help everyone else first, and put yourself last — that that is the “self-less” thing to do. They will tell you that taking care of yourself and doing what you want to do is selfish! Have you gotten this message in your life? Well, I think it is crap. You can follow your bliss, and donate to charity. You can follow your bliss and be a good mother or love partner. You can follow your bliss and change the world. And in fact, you will be more powerful and will be a better mother, love partner, and global citizen because you won’t be running on empty anymore.

The world needs people who are lit up and joyful. Once you take care of your needs and desires you can serve others in deeper, more profound ways.

If you want support around living from your inner wisdom and what makes you feel good, schedule a free 20 minute Simplification Session with me. I look forward to talking with you!

So get offline and go do something that feels really, really nourishing and pleasurable today. xo