Day 14 – The Power of Indulgence

Take time to indulge yourself today. Wear your nice jewelry, drink the hot cocoa with whipped cream, use the fine china, take a moment to observe a bird at the feeder out the window. There are so many simple ways to indulge in something pleasurable that lift your spirits.

This is not just a treat. It is an essential practice to feeding your spirit and feeling good. Because when you feel good, then you have more energy to take risks and move forward in your life and business. When you feel good you will have more But it starts with indulging yourself. Choose something lovely to treat yourself with today 🙂

If you want some guidance on how to revamp your crazy work-all-the-time-business into a lovely feminine business with plenty of time for self care and indulgence, schedule a Simplification Session. I’d be happy to help you tap into a more joyful and effortless way to do business.