Day 25 – How Levels of Energy Affect You

Are you living in a high energy environment or a low one? Are you surrounded by chaos and clutter, or a clean and organized space where you only keep things you love and use? The energy of your environment has a huge effect on your mindset and productivity.

Yesterday, I made a video after being in an environment that really affected me and not in a good way. I was feeling overwhelmed by chaos, crowds, and too much commercialization in a touristy area. I felt off and I wanted to get out of that environment as fast as possible.

Once we got back home today, I felt soooooo much better. We have created a home that we love. It is spacious, clean, clutter-free. It is a high vibe space that supports our creative ventures and creative play. The craftsmanship is amazing and I love to look at the custom stained glass windows and built-in cabinetry from the 1890s.

So if you are feeling low energy, take a baby step today to put something away or move things around to create a clean, energizing home and office that makes you feel good and helps you do the work you love. It starts with small actions, day after day, and soon you will have upleveled the energy of your environment to one that supports you in your life and business.

If you want some support around creating a higher energy environment or moving your personal energy levels up, schedule a time to talk here: