Day 27 – Working with Your Energy Cycles

What do you do when you feel low energy? Do you drink more coffee and push through, or do you honor your body’s needs and rest? Do you notice times of high energy and lower energy throughout your days, weeks, months? If you want to make your life and business feel more effortless and fun, learn to harness these waves of energy. Do your most challenging tasks when you feel your best and everything will feel easier. If you start tech projects or things you don’t want to do when you are super tired, it will only feel hard and cause pain.

And when the low energy persists, it might mean that you need to dig deeper to understand what is really pulling you down. Allowing yourself to slow down, rest, and look inward by journaling or meditating can help you move forward with a fresh perspective.

If you’d like some support around digging into the thoughts that are keeping you stuck, schedule a time to talk: