Day 28 – When Was Your Last Do-Nothing Day?

Is your calendar packed? Are your weekends just as busy as your workdays? If you want to avoid burnout, you must take time to just chill. If you are like most people, you may even need to schedule some “do nothing” time to make sure it happens!

Whatever it takes, you deserve some time to rest, recuperate, and rejuvenate. This is a key part of Feminine Business Success — honoring your body’s need for rest, down time, and nourishment. This is not something that you can put off for a few years while you work 80 hours a week building your business. You will likely end up earning money, and burning out at the same time. So you must take time off to do nothing. Relaxing, having fun, and having time to follow your whims for a day is so important. That is a huge part of what life is really about — living in a slow, enjoyable way so that you can appreciate the little things, notice your thoughts, and figure out who you really are when you are alone with yourself all day.

And Do Nothing Time is when you can dream, envision, and think deeply about life and what you are inspired to do next. So give yourself this gift today, or schedule it in for this coming week. Whether it is an entire day, or a couple hours each week, MAKE IT HAPPEN! It will change your life.

If you want some coaching around how to fit in more Being time, and fewer hours of Doing, Doing, Doing an endless list of tasks, schedule a free 20 minute Simplification Session here:

You’ll leave the free session feeling lighter and we’ll get some Do Nothing Time on your calendar! Much love to you 🙂