Day 29 – Stop the Avoidance and Face Yourself

So much of our pain and not having what we want comes down to fear of…feeling. We do so many things to avoid facing our feelings. We eat too much, drink too much, shop too much, surf the internet too much…we will do anything to numb ourselves so we don’t have to feel. But being able to feel is one of the great gifts of life. And shutting down your emotions is a surefire way to live a life of pretending. Pretending to like the job you don’t really like, pretending to be happy even when you are not, pretending to BE someone you are not.

If you do nothing else today, give yourself permission to feel again. Sit with the feelings, face the feelings, and be authentically you. Because when you are mindfully in the moment and being your natural self, you are able to access your inner wisdom again. Your inner wisdom can tell you what the first step is towards creating the life you want. The path to becoming your best self is not easy, but being YOU in the present moment is effortless.

If you want some support as you reconnect with your inner wisdom, and move towards the work you feel called to do in this life, schedule a time to talk: