Day 7 – Use Your Voice – Get Started Today

Start speaking up and using your voice. It is soooooo simple in 2016. You probably have a smartphone or computer with a camera. Turn it on and start sharing your unique point of view with the world. We cannot afford to wait on someone else to change things. As women, we need to take response-ability for our lives. Prince Charming on a white horse is not coming for you with a million dollars. But you can save yourself! You can! Start with looking at your thoughts and choosing the good ones — the whispers in your heart that guide you to do your work in the world. Shift your perspective on what is possible to include the thought that you can create the life you want. Then do something to move towards that reality. Make a simple video, share your thoughts on Facebook, show your creative side on Instagram. It really can be simple. It really can be easy. Take the first step to put yourself out there, because people are waiting for your unique perspective in this world. You are needed. Your skills and ideas are essential to creating a world that works best for everyone.

If you want some support around how to get your voice out there or how to get over your fears of being seen, schedule a Simplification Session with me and we can work through things so you can move forward feeling lighter. Much love – Meghan