Day 8 – You Have To Do the Work Everyday

Sometimes it feels really hard to be human. We have to take care of these bodies every day — food, water, movement, love, shelter, security. And for me to feel good — joyful, peaceful, and overflowing with energy to contribute to the world — I have to also look inward to find the truth of my nature each morning. This practice of going inward allows me to see my thoughts — the ones that serve me and those that don’t — and I can clearly see that I have the power to choose my perspective and to choose how I want to show up today. If I put off this morning connection time with my inner world, then I start the day grumpy and cranky. I don’t feel like myself and I am not at my best. So here I am on Day 8, recommitting and seeing the vital importance of doing this inner work first thing in the morning so that I am feeling good and can be my best self for not only myself, but my family and how I interact with the world.

If you’d like some support around tuning in to your inner wisdom so you can bring your best self to the world, Schedule a Simplification Session with me. You’ll walk away feeling lighter, even if you decide not to work with me after our 20 minutes together.

Much love to you. Please be gentle with yourself today.