Day 9 – Embracing the Bent of Your Nature

As I was drying my super straight, flat hair today I laughed as I thought about all the hair stylists that have tried to curl my hair after a haircut. I tell them that it won’t work, that my hair is thin and straight and doesn’t hold a curl, but they insist that they know my hair better than me. After an hour of spraying and curling and blow drying with a round brush, my hair looks like it has shape. Then as I walk out the door, WHOOSH! Back to flat and straight. It’s quite comical!

So many times, we know what is true for our bodies — what foods make us feel good, how much rest we need — but we listen to “experts” that tell us to that something else is actually better. While there is no harm in trying new things or learning new tactics, it is of highest importance to always check in with yourself. I have spent so much money because I let myself be convinced that someone else knew what clothes I should wear, what marketing techniques I should use, or the “right” way to run my business. But the truth is that a part of me knows what is best for me at every moment.  My job is to slow down, look inward and find what is true for me and what will serve me the best.

Embrace who you are and what you love. You can and will try new things, but if you fight your natural tendencies, you set yourself up for frustration and upset. So embrace the bent of your nature. Do what feels good. “Follow your bliss” as the wise sage Joseph Campbell said.

If you want help around letting go of the advice that other people gave you that isn’t working for you, Schedule a Simplification Session. You will walk away feeling lighter whether you decide to work with me in a deeper way or not.