Does Success Take Hard Work and Sacrifice or Can It Be Easy?

Have you ever been on a deadline on a project that you didn’t want to do? It is a terrible feeling. You procrastinate and procrastinate. You complain about it to everyone you talk to. You talk about how much you don’t want to do it, how terrible it is, how unprepared you are. You get hungry and cook a meal, then you clean up the kitchen, then you chip the ice out of your freezer, but you still haven’t started to work. You go to the gym to get the stress energy out or you go shopping and try to spend your way out of the stress. You do anything and everything except doing the work.

But in the end, what was the result? You probably finished the project after doing a minimal amount of actual work, but it felt like the hardest, most painful work you’ve ever done. Why? Because you talked about it and thought about it so much and avoided it so much. Was it actually that hard? You probably only spent a tiny amount of time on it compared to how much time you spent complaining about it or fearing how painful it would be.

So in actuality, it was probably quite easy. It was your thoughts about it that were hard.

Just stop and think about that. Your thoughts about whether something is hard or easy create all the drama in your life. Think about this example:

You commute to work. You work all day in industry X. You get paid.

  • To one person this is heaven; they’d do anything to get a job in industry X.
  • To someone else, this is hell. They’d do anything to avoid this or get out of industry X.

It all depends on your point of view about it. Your perspective on your life, your job, your business, and your relationships controls the quality of your life. If you think something will be hard, it will most likely be hard because the whole time you will be thinking, “This is hard. This is so hard. Let me tell everyone how hard it is.”

If you think you have to do whatever it takes to get to Success Island, then it will likely take everything to get there. The Universe will grant your wish. If you think you can create a business and life that flows effortlessly and easily, if you are open to learning from your mistakes and moving forward anyway, then your thoughts will focus on how your business and life unfold effortlessly and easily and you will learn from your mistakes and will continue moving forward anyway.

Your perspective on life and your thoughts are a self-fulfilling prophecy. So choose carefully what you think about life. If you want support around moving from hard work and struggle to moving forward with ease and grace, send me a Message.