End the Struggle and Take Action Now

One of the main tenets behind the idea of Effortless Success is that when you get the impulse to act, you simply act. Even with all the excuses circling in your head:

But it’s not a good time, I don’t have the money, it’s not perfect, I’m not ready yet, I don’t feel like it, I don’t have the time right now, I have plans, I’m busy, that doesn’t even make any sense, I’m not good enough to do that, someone else is already doing it

Even with all those excuses, cultivating the ability to do it anyway will make moving forward on every subsequent task in your life a little bit easier. And when you do it over and over and over again, life starts to feel a lot better because you are in the flow of things and you are baby stepping your way into the life that you really want. Ending the struggle in your life and learning to move forward a little bit every day is just a new muscle to strengthen.

Here’s an example: I really love clean counter tops and table tops in my home. They make me feel calm and happy, and they reflect a clear mind to me. Seeing clutter – mail, papers, toys, half finished projects — all over the place didn’t work for me. I used to live in a pretty small apartment with a really small galley kitchen and I was a new mom with an explosion of baby stuff and toys, as well as my partner’s glut of surfboards and bikes. But I had this vision of a clean, spacious, open home that I really wanted to move towards. So bit by bit, we started simplifying our stuff. I went through clothes, kitchen stuff, books, old courses and binders full of notes, photos and mementos, everything. Did this happen in one day? Of course not. But by holding a vision of that clutter free home in my mind, we eventually got to the place where everything had a place and we only kept the things that we really loved and used on a regular basis. My mindset shifted to the point that every time I used something in the kitchen, or wore a certain piece of clothing, I could tell if it was a still a fit for me or if I was ready to pass it on to someone else. Weekly trips to donate stuff we didn’t use or need became a routine. When we recently moved, we only brought the stuff that we really loved and our new home is so much easier to keep clutter free.

So what does this mean for your life and business? When you feel the inspiration to take action – DO IT IMMEDIATELY. Start right then. If you are overwhelmed with stuff in your office/home/life, start a donation pile. If you are inspired to give up sugar, get rid of all the junk food in your house – take it outside and pitch it. If you are inspired to share a message that has been on your mind, then make the phone call, write the Facebook post, make a video. Because while this energy and inspiration is available in every single moment, when you first start to notice it, it will only pop in to your awareness every now and then when you have a quiet moment in the car on a long drive, on a run, or in the shower. When you take notice and act on it, things start unfolding in a magical way and all of a sudden you are in the career or home or relationship that you’ve always dreamed of.

So if you are reading this and a message has been coming up for you over and over, consider this your sign from the Universe to DO THE THING.

If you want support around taking action or want some insight into how to simplify your life and create effortless success, click here to schedule a 15-20 minute Simplification Session. You’ll walk away feeling lighter and if it feels right, we can talk about ways to work together.