Episode 34 – What Happens When You Do Things You Don’t Want To Do

How many things did you do today that you didn’t really want to do? How did that make you feel?

I have found that doing things that I don’t want to do builds resentment. And sometimes the amount of resentment is so small that in the past I couldn’t even identify it. But I knew that I didn’t feel good. I would feel “off.” I have learned that most things can simply be rescheduled or delegated or sometimes even just dropped if I speak up about what I need. But the key is tuning in to what I really want in the moment and then speaking up about it. It is an ongoing practice.

What have you been doing that you don’t want to do? How can you reschedule it, or delegate it, or even say no to doing it anymore?

If you want some support around tuning in to what you really DO want to do, and getting from where you are to where you want to be in your life and business, I’d love to help you. You can schedule a time to talk here: http://bit.ly/effortlessu