Episode 39 How Do You Shift from Heavy to Lighthearted

Do you ever wake up and put on your “I mean business” clothes and act all serious and heavy all day? And other days do you put on your Fun Coat and drink hot chocolate for breakfast and dance for no reason?

Which do you prefer? Do you enjoy the heavy days? Or do you prefer the lighthearted days where you get stuff done while also feeling good? I like the lighthearted, jolly days, myself, but there is one problem — waking up human causes me to have all the feels. From grumpy to angry to sad to happy — I never know how I’ll feel when I wake up in the morning. That’s why I like to anticipate the need to reset and so I do my Choose Your Own Pleasure morning self-care routine — it helps me reset back to chill, happy, jolly. And then I move forward from there.

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