Episode 40 What’s the Most Compelling Thing You Can Do

Two questions that I come back to again and again are: “What is the most compelling thing you can do?” and “What is a promise you can keep for a long time?” Both of these questions were posed to me several years ago by an amazing activist, author, and coach, Andrea J. Lee (find her at andreajlee.com).

The answer to the question, “What is the most compelling thing I can do?” can direct your actions on a daily basis and on a long term basis. This question brings you right into the heart of the best thing and the most valuable thing you are meant to be doing right now and perhaps, long term.

The second question, “What is a promise I can keep?” is essential for spirit-led entrepreneurs. It is human nature that until our survival needs our met, we will be thinking of how to make money to buy the things we need to survive. But once survival needs are taken care of and you are feeling into the most compelling thing you can do, then you also need to reflect on the thing that you can commit to for the long-term. Because the journey of bringing your Great Work to the world won’t happen overnight in most cases, and you want to be sure you choose a path that is a match for your authentic self.

As you feel into the answers to these questions, I invite you schedule a time to talk if you want some support during your journey. You are fully capable of doing it all on your own if that is your style, but I am here to help if you feel called to work together. Click here to schedule a time to talk 🙂