Episode 45 How Do You Drop Something that Keeps Coming Back to Haunt You

Do you ever think you are finally done with something and then it comes back to your mind again…and again? How can you finally get rid of it for good? The solution is counter-intuitive. You have to love it. You have to embrace it, make peace with it, and then it will vanish. But if you resist it, it will just keep showing up over and over again.

You have millions of thoughts a day. Many of them are happy, joyful, grateful thoughts, but just as many or more are critical, depressing, mean thoughts. How can you let go of the thoughts that cause you pain? You have to love them. Love those yucky thoughts as if they were a little baby. What is that thought or experience here to teach you? How did it protect you or serve you in some way to make you into the person you are today?

If you want some help in learning to love the critical voices in your head or to shift your perspective on things in your past that are causing you pain, reach out and schedule a time to talk. You deserve to feel good and to live in the way you choose. xo