Episode 46 What Happens When You Don’t Take Care of Your Body

Are you a person that gets Hangry? Where you are so hungry you get angry? What happens when you are freezing cold or burning hot? It’s probably hard to be kind, peaceful, or productive in those moments, right?

Taking care of your body’s needs has to be a priority for you if you want to shift your mindset and perspective, and create the life, work, and world that you choose. Anyone who has ever had the flu knows that if your body isn’t functioning and happy, nothing gets done. So learning to read your body cues and having a plan to really nurture your animal body is of utmost importance as you go after bigger goals.

If you are ready to make some big shifts in your life, and you want structured support to help you make things happen week after week after week, I’d love to support you. Reach out to schedule a time to talk.