Episode 47 When You Just Stop Doing That Thing You Said You Were Going to Do

Well, I fell off the wagon. The 100 videos in 100 days wagon. It’s one of those “things happen, life happens, things get busy, you just don’t feel like it, then you feel embarrassed because you didn’t do the thing you said you were going to do and everyone knows it, and finally you could just slink off into the horizon and hope no one notices, or you pick yourself up and recommit and keep going” sorts of things. So here I am on the Keep Going track. I am perfectly imperfect and I love that about myself. I really love what I am doing and this journey of self-love, self-healing, self-validation, and self-actualization, so I will continue doing and not doing, being productive and taking time to rest and enjoy the scenery, and floating along down the river of life with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.

If you have found yourself on the banks of the river for a while, watching life pass by as you get your bearings, perhaps you can use this moment to decide if you want to put your canoe back in the water today too.

And if you are ready to dive in and learn how to self-heal those pockets of guilt, shame, fear, or feeling not-good-enough that we all have, I’d love to coach you through that and help you find ways to feel good everyday, no matter what happens. Schedule a time to talk if that sounds like something you are ready for: http://bit.ly/effortlessu