Episode 49 The Power of Owning Your Dirty Secrets

Do you ever realize that the things you think are so terrible in your mind are really quite trivial? I’m experiencing that right now. First of all, is there anything more trivial that starting something, stopping it, then starting it again? Trivial! So trivial! But my mind made this feel very thing feel extremely embarrassing and shameful to admit.

There is so much power in bringing all the shameful, guilty, fearful parts of yourself out in the open. You don’t have to make a video about it, or tell everyone on earth, but even just saying something aloud in front of a trusted friend or adviser can be freeing.

In fact, since making this video a few hours ago, I started to write down all the “terrible, embarrassing, and shameful” decisions, experiences, and choices that I’ve made or had in my life. And most of them are a freaking bore — by that I mean they no longer have any power over me and they don’t really feel that terrible or embarrassing or shameful at all once I claimed them as my own. I have given these thoughts and stories so much power over me. Worrying that someone would find out my deep, dark secrets. When in the light of day, I don’t really feel any energy from them. They are just decisions that I made doing the best I could at the time. I guess I assume that anyone who is offended by my past choices will just de-friend me on Facebook, or they will choose to not hire me as a coach, or they’ll avoid eye-contact when I see them in person, and that is totally fine with me. So stay tuned for more truth speaking and airing of old stories. I am who I am and I accept myself — scars and embarrassing mistakes and all.

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