Episode 50 My Most Embarrassing Story

Hi there! Ever done something you think is embarrassing that you don’t want anyone to ever discover about you? I think we all have moments that we’d rather tuck away and pretend never happened. And if you went through your teens and 20s before the rise of social media you CAN pretend they never happened! But I have been noticing how much more powerful it feels when I own all the parts of myself. It takes a certain amount of energy to “curate” myself and how I show up on social media, my videos, and even in person with new acquaintances. And while I don’t consciously try to curate myself, I think it happens automatically when we present the same parts of ourselves over and over and over. If you are lucky, you may become aware that you have created a personality where only the surface of the lake is visible, but no one can really see what lies beneath in the shadows.  And you may want to let people know, “Hey! There’s fish down here! And mud! And other stuff!”

I’ve done A LOT of healing work, shadow work, and parts integration in the past few years. And still there are parts that I’ve wanted to keep out of my public persona, because I thought, “Well, what’s the point? Why tell everyone about that part of my history if they don’t really need to know it, because I am not really that person any more?”

But here’s the thing: I AM that person. I’m also a slightly older and wiser, more spiritually advanced version of myself, and I now see that abandoning the parts of myself that don’t fit the steamed broccoli image that my ego would like to portray actually WEAKENS me. Without all my parts, my foundation is weak, and I will never fully self-actualize if I don’t LOVE IT ALL.

I am ready to now welcome and broadcast all the parts of myself that I’ve formerly hid from the light of day, and I’m ready to own all of who I am — the wild woman, the innocent, the queen, the warrior, the sage, the saint, the lover, the artist, the fool, the orphan, the seeker, the magician. Each of these classic archetypes has a place in our lives if we want to be fully self-actualized, and they all have a shadow side where if we let a single one of them take over they can run the bus into a ditch.

So all the little parts of me that I’ve been afraid to share for fear that you’ll judge me are ready to be seen. And I love them all. They’ve made me who I am today and as I step into my spiritual adulthood, I need to honor them by giving them some visibility.

I hope that sharing these parts of myself will allow you to see that it’s okay to love and accept the parts of yourself that you have shunned to the virtual closet within your mind. And if you are ready for self-actualization in your own life and want some support around creating the life you know you are meant to live, then please reach out. I’d love to support you on the rich and bold path to fulfillment. You can click here to schedule a time to talk.