From Grueling Work to Effortless Success

When I started in the world of marketing and owning my own business back in 2009, the major trend was “Follow these 7 steps and become an Internet Millionaire!” As you have probably seen, this style of business is still out there. The make money now, make money fast, follow these steps you don’t understand but really really need to do if you want to be successful stuff is alive and well. And many, many people think that you have to work really hard and “suffer now to play later.” I definitely used to think that and it led me to building a business that burned me out.

Just this week I tuned in for a webinar where the leader said something like, “People ask me how I can run my two successful businesses and be a good mom and wife and have time for myself and find balance with it all. Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t believe in balance. I think if you have dream for a business you have to work hard and go for it and that means that other things will have to be sacrificed.”

Wow. Ugh. Eww. Yuck!

I was completely REPELLED.

Why would I want to learn from someone who has no time for her family, her sex life, her fun time?

You see, I don’t want to devote myself to creating a business that takes everything I have and leaves me as an empty shell of myself – just a robot who lives to please other people and listens to everyone else but herself.

The new model of business is one where you start from with the intention of serving the world in a way that is natural to who you are. You embrace yourself and your history filled with amazing skills and experiences and you use those experiences to help other people. It all becomes really simple. And then you share yourself with the world and it is effortless because you are just talking about who you are and what you are good at and how you can help people. And you listen to yourself about what feels right – from the marketing to the business model to the pricing. You design packages, programs, or products that you like and you would buy. This is important because if you want an Effortless Business, everything has to be in alignment with who you are. So don’t start a health coaching business if you smoke 2 packs a day – everyone knows smoking is not a habit that supports excellent health so it is out of alignment with health. That would be the exact opposite of effortless. That would be a striving and pretending and hiding business because someone told you that the health industry is a lucrative market.

This is a completely new way of doing business where you are in charge and you are coming from a place of love and service instead of fear and anxiety. And you aren’t stressed about just putting in a few years of hell and then checking out and sitting on a beach for the rest of your life, because you actually like your business! It is easy and fun to you and you don’t want to quit it because it has become so effortless and you are making money doing what you love.

Building a business with grace and ease is a choice.

Everything becomes easy when you start from this place. It is how I live my life and I am here to support you if you are ready to enjoy your life and business again. Schedule a 15-20 minute free Simplification Session – you will walk away feeling lighter. If it feels like a fit, we can discuss ways to work together to create an Effortless Business that works for you.