Day 26 -How to Forgive Yourself for That Bad Decision

You know what makes life seem really hard? The mean voice in your head that tells you what a stupid person you are is causing all your pain. But that voice is not the real YOU.

The real You has the power to Forgive Yourself for any decisions you made in the past that you’ve been judging. Judgment and beating yourself up drags down your energy and makes it really hard to create the life and business that you really want and deserve.

So be loving to those younger versions of yourself that we’re doing the best they could with their limited knowledge at the time. Forgive those parts of yourself that made mistakes. Give yourself permission to be here now, and love and accept yourself from this moment forward. You deserve love, joy, peace, and work that lights you up. You are here for a reason, so let go of the past and start being who you are meant to be.

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