Day 24 How to Get Things Done with Time Blocks

Do you have trouble getting things done? I am committed to helping you balance your feminine, go with the flow side, with your masculine, get stuff done side. I’ve found the best way to get stuff done is to schedule a block of time where I know I will be able to work intently to finish a critical task. Once that is done, I can relax and go back into the flow state that I love.

The key here is scheduling a chunk of time when  you know you can work without interruption or being disturbed by other people. And you must turn off all notifications for email and social media. If you can, turn off Internet access, especially if you are just creating content. You can turn on the Internet to post the content online when you are to that step.

These small steps of scheduling the time, and committing to no distractions will enable you to actually get the things done that you have been procrastinating about for so long. So give yourself this gift and schedule a small block of time now.

If you want help around creating your weekly schedule or help knowing what to do as you build your presence online, I invite you to schedule a time to talk —