Racing through life? The Need for Chill Time

I am sitting at a beautiful wooden table looking out on a forest, and beyond the trees, I can see the blue of Lake Michigan spilling into the horizon. I see the trees sway and bend and bow with the wind. I am drinking some delicious warm mint tea and taking in the beauty of the woods during this late fall afternoon. There are still a few trees with stunning bright yellow and orange leaves, but many trees are bare. The wildflowers have gone to seed and there is only a little green left amidst a sea of browns, beiges, and dark yellow. The day is overcast, but every once in a while, the sun will shine through the clouds and brighten all the colors.

Why do I write about such a simple moment — a scene that could so easily be overlooked? It is because when you slow down enough, you can find beauty and joy in anything and everything. Even if you are facing challenges in your business or relationships, you can always find solace in nature and by connecting to your inner wisdom. In our fast paced society, very few people think they “have time” to slow down. The treadmill of getting kids to school and activities, the endless to-do list for your work and business, and the need to feel “successful” by someone else’s standards make it feel really difficult to slow down and just enjoy life.

So stop reading this as fast as you can and take in this idea:

Slowing down,

doing less,

and just looking, listening, and BEing

are actually some of the most powerful types of “work” you can do in your life. It is the work that will reconnect you to your inner wisdom that will guide you to be who you are meant to be and will inspire you to do the work you are meant to do in this world. Slowing down and connecting to your inner wisdom is the tool that will get you to a place where things happen effortlessly in your life and business – because you will be acting from the part of you that is connected to God/All that is/Your Soul/Whatever you like to call it.

In a world that values productivity and efficiency over all else, almost no one wants to slow down and most people think it is crazy to get off the treadmill willingly – there is so much to do! So their bodies make them slow down with a physical setback – getting the flu, a cold or cough that lingers for weeks, a back spasm – these are all last ditch efforts to get you to slow down, rest, and just chill for a moment. And when you chill out, the real goal your body has for you is to spend some quality time just thinking, observing, and connecting with your inner wisdom. And the beauty of listening to your inner wisdom is that it knows that everything will be alright, everything is unfolding for you in perfect timing, and everything that is happening to you is there to serve you in your own personal evolution in this lifetime.

There have been many times over the past few years that I got the message to “slow down.” Even though I had said goodbye to many business and social obligations that no longer sparked joy for me, I would still have pain or fatigue signals from my body that made me pause and ask mySelf what the message was. Many times I thought, “Seriously? How much slower can I go? I am barely moving here!” But I can see now that the slowing down message was about slowing down my ego mind so that I could be present and actually hear my inner wisdom. Now I know that this slowing down must happen. It is not something that happens once and then you can accelerate through life for the next 4 decades.  It is part of the natural cycle of life. Just as colorful, bountiful, fall harvest time turns to cold, fallow, winter, we can learn to expect that after a period of intense growth or activity, we will need to either schedule down time, or our bodies will force us to take that downtime to rest, rejuvenate, and integrate what came before it.

So as you read this, I invite you to stop and think about where you are in the energy cycle of your own life and business. Have you been pushing yourself and doing, doing, doing for many weeks or months with no break? Have you recently had physical symptoms that might indicate it is time to slow down and rest? Take time to rest, and after you’ve rested, journal or pray for insight into what needs to shift in your life.  Your inner wisdom will likely guide you that you don’t have to do it all, have it all, or be it all. You can slow down and enjoy your life at any moment.

If you want support around learning to slow down and how to simplify your life or business, reach out and schedule a time to talk. I look forward to supporting you on your journey to living as your Effortless, wonderful self.