Episode 31 – What Is the Deepest Level of Pleasure for You

This episode is about pleasure. But not the “simple pleasures” that come from a bite of chocolate or taking a hot shower. I’m talking about the Soul-deep level of pleasure that comes from living as your authentic self, and doing work that you love. When you tune in to what you really want your life […]

Day 15 – Feeling Worthless & Being Worthy

To live in your full power, you have to be ALL of your self, even the parts that you have been avoiding or ignoring, or pushing down deep inside for years. Want to talk about that? Schedule a time here: http://bit.ly/effortlessu This video is about a core wound that many of us have: feeling worthless […]

Day 7 – Use Your Voice – Get Started Today

Start speaking up and using your voice. It is soooooo simple in 2016. You probably have a smartphone or computer with a camera. Turn it on and start sharing your unique point of view with the world. We cannot afford to wait on someone else to change things. As women, we need to take response-ability […]