What if you didn’t want to escape from your life anymore?

Do you dream of running away from it all? Kids, partner, job, home, the messes, the clutter, the business?

It is interesting, this urge to run away, since you actually created every situation and relationship through your thoughts and actions. At one time you wanted the stuff, the house, the relationships, the job. What has changed? Why are you wanting to run away?

Is it because you haven’t built in any time for yourself? Is it because you said Yes too many times and are overwhelmed with responsibilities and/or stuff? Is it because you did what other people told you you should do and now you are living a life to please them, and not yourself?

Wanting to escape from the life you have built does not feel good. It feels kind of desperate.

I remember when my daughter was young and I chose to stay home with her all day, there were times that I raced out the door the second my partner got home. “Bye!” I’d sing/grumble/shout as I left without a hug or a kiss or a hello. I couldn’t wait to get away from my precious child and love partner. My mind had convinced me that I was in a living hell and I didn’t have the awareness to see that it was my thoughts causing all the pain.

My daughter had done nothing wrong. My partner had done nothing wrong. The only thing in the wrong were my unquestioned thoughts, poisoning my mind, telling me that things should be different than they were. These thoughts from my out of control Ego mind try to convince me that I am a martyr and everyone is out to harm me; that I need to run away to protect myself. And I’ve learned since then that when the poison thoughts surface it is a sign that I am disconnected from my Inner Wisdom. My Inner Wisdom is the part of me connected to God/the Universe/All That Is. And my Inner Wisdom always speaks the truth.

Once I learned how important it is to stay in contact with my Inner Wisdom each day, and many times a day/all day, I was able to honor my intuition and the inspired actions that kept me feeling calm, peaceful, joyful, grateful, and kind to myself and others.

Sometimes the Inner Wisdom tells me to act – to write, run, speak, do. And other times, my Inner Wisdom tells me to rest, nurture myself, meditate, dream. By cultivating this relationship, the only place I need to escape to is inside myself. And that can happen in an instant – right here, right now. In the car, in bed, in the kitchen, at my computer. With my daughter, with my partner, with a friend or a stranger.

All you need to do is close your eyes and breathe. And if you like, ask yourself, “What do I need right now?” And listen for the answer. It will be simple, truthful, plain.

Sometimes you may be guided to do things you feel you can’t do: quit your job, leave a relationship, take a trip, have a baby, start a business. So ask for clarity and a baby step in those cases. Your inner wisdom will give you the next thing to do: revise your resume, have a talk with your partner, look at plane tickets, have a talk about babies with your partner, buy a website domain name. Trust that your Inner Wisdom sees the big picture of your life, because She does.

You only have one life in this body, with this set of talents, abilities, relationships, challenges, and obstacles. You signed up for this life for fun! It doesn’t have to feel so painful. Yes, there will be times that feel “hard” due to our labeling and judgments, but it is all happening to serve you in some way.

I am here to help you if you are ready to create a mindset and a life that you don’t have to escape from anymore. Schedule a time to talk here. Or find me on Facebook and we can chat there.

You deserve to create the life you desire. Your challenge today if you choose to accept it is to stop, slow down, and connect with your Inner Wisdom. Ask what you need right now. And if you are feeling brave, ask what you need to change to create the life you are here to lead.